Anglican Does Not Support Homosexuality – Archbishop Of Canterbury

“It is reaffirmed that the CPCA position regarding homosexuality is crystal clear. In terms of Canon 22, marriage is between one man and one woman and in consequence, homosexuality is not acceptable in the CPCA which comprises Botswana, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe,” Reverend Clifford Dzavo, the secretary for the diocese of Harare said in a statement.
“We therefore reiterate that the CPCA does not condone homosexuality. Whatever happens in other Provinces worldwide does not affect us as we do not necessarily share the same views with them.”

The state media has been castigating the pending visit by the Archbishop of Canterbury and leader of the Anglican Church, Dr Rowan Williams saying he wants to promote same sex marriages in the country. The church has also been under attack from supporters and partisan police loyal to the ex-communicated Bishop Nobert Kunonga who proclaimed years ago that he had established his own Province of Harare against the main church. Kunonga supporters and the police have been grabbing CPCA church property and disrupting church services of CPCA Anglicans.
Dr Williams is expected to attend the 150 years anniversary of Anglican Church in Malawi before he visits other Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Holy Eucharist will be celebrated at the City Sports Centre in Harare on Sunday and will be led by Archbishop Albert Chama, the Archbishop of the CPCA. 
“On the 9th of October 2011, Archbishop Albert Chama of the CPCA will be celebrating Holy Eucharist at the City Sports Centre at 1300hrs,” Reverend Dzavo said.
The CPCA did not confirm to the media whether Dr Williams will be able to meet President Robert Mugabe, after the clergy man wrote to have a meeting with the 87 year old leader when he visits the country.
Mugabe who has the support of Kunonga, has been criticising homosexuality linking it to the Anglican church but the CPCA has been denying the allegations.