Angry Masvingo Chiefs Blast Security Agents for Being Overprotective of Mugabe

The chiefs who attended Great Zimbabwe University (GZU)’s fourth graduation ceremony on Friday said they were disappointed by the way Mugabe’s security agents instilled fear among ordinary people and students during the ceremony.

More over, the traditional leaders were irked by the move to block them from getting closer to Mugabe. The chiefs who often sit at the high table at national events were on Friday barred from joining the VIP team for lunch.

Chief Murinye who left the ceremony after failing to get food  said in future he will never attend such ceremonies unless the CIO operatives changed their attitude and showed them some respect as traditional leaders.

“The CIOs are going too far in protecting Mugabe. He is our
leader and we should be allowed to interact with him when he visit our province. I could not manage to eat there.” said Chief Murinye.

He said he only managed to get food from a local restaurant.He does not think President Mugabe is aware his aides and security agents were doing such things to the people.

Chief Zimuto also echoed Chief Murinye,s sentiments saying traditional leaders were no longer given the respect they deserved at government ceremonies.

Speaking to RadioVOP on Saturday, Chief Nyajena said  traditional leaders will hold a meeting soon and come up with a solution to avoid ‘such embarrassment’ in future.

Chief Nyajena said it was high time Mugabe was told how traditional leaders were treated at GZU graduation

“We shall make sure that our message goes to Mugabe. These young boys
are being overzealous for nothing,” he said.