Angry Zimbabwe Secret State Agent Says He Was Used

Innocent Makamure, said he was used to victimise innocent members of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) during and after 2008 elections.

He was part of hit men who were based at Gaza business center here. He confessed beating and torturing innocent people and now believes his actions have brought misery and misfortunes to his family.

Makamure decided to come out in open and denounced the hand which used to feed him, when his first born son died under mysterious
circumstances at Murambinda General Hospital last week.

“I was used for peanuts; I did not gain anything in my life by beating people. In fact, I only brought misfortunes and misery to my family.
Though I did not kill anyone personally, I believe my actions and the role which I played during campaigning for President Mugabe towards the June run-off led to some deaths,” he said in a public apology to the villagers.

“All I know is that I was used and I am no longer interested in such activities again. A lot of things of course bad are happening to me.
At first it was my wife divorcing me, now my son just collapsed and when he reached the hospital, he was pronounced dead,” said Makamure.

Makamure said he believed there were a lot of people within the dreaded CIO who were experiencing the same. He said it was unfortunate that when he was being used he did not realise it. ” I leant a lesson the hard way,” he said.

RadioVOP was informed that Makamure was forced by his relatives to confess all evil things which he did to cleanse the family. He has been asked by the family to also go and apologise to Chief Makumbe of the area.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s rural home is under Chief Makumbe’s jurisdiction.