Another free eye care programme in Chivi set for June

CHIVI – The Council for the Blind in conjunction with the Chibi District Hospital is scheduled to conduct yet another round of free cataract screenings on June 18 and operations on June 19-21 as part of their social responsibility work.

The programme comes courtesy of Rtd Col Manasa Mahapa who mobilises the well-wishers to help people with treatable sight problems every year.

A total of three similar exercises have been held at Chibi District Hospital in the past, with hundreds of people from the district and the other places coming to have their sight restored free-of-charge.

“The eye camp aims to give relief to people with eye problems like cataracts. This is a community programme borne out of the desire to help people. We therefore advise everybody in need of such services to come and receive the requisite medical attention.

“We expect many people to take advantage of this offer and come for their life-changing experience or bring their loved one with such challenges. This is not a programme just for the people of Chivi but is for those in other districts as well. We understand there are many people who are living as blind when all they need to get back their sight are simple surgical procedures,” said Mahapa.

The operation is open to any elderly people persons who can travel to Chivi on 18 June for screening.

Rtd Col said operations were scheduled to be conducted throughout the day on 19-21 June.

For any clarification, patients can contact OPN Mabhiza of Chivi District Hospital on 0772252723.


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