ARAF Threatens To Take De Klerk To ICC

The Anti-Racism Action Forum says it will take former President FW de Klerk to the International Court of Justice, should the country’s justice system fail to prosecute him. The Forum has laid 22 charges of human rights violations against De Klerk and former Police Minister, Adriaan Vlok.

Joined by Azapo and the Socialist Party of Azania, ARAF laid charges at the Hillbrow Police Station.

Black Land First Forum’s Andile Mngxitama says, “The reason why 22 years after democracy we see black people being called monkeys, we see white people becoming more and more arrogant is because we have not addressed the original sins particularly by leaders of apartheid.”

The forum wants De Klerk and Vlok to answer for the Boipatong and Bisho massacres, as well as train and other township killings before 1994. In 1998, Vlok told the TRC that De Klerk knew of illegal security force operations.

Refuting the allegations, De Klerk refused to apply for amnesty.

Anti-Racism Action Forum Spokesperson, Yeruska Chetty, says, “White supremacy is a cardinal enemy we must defeat to be able to live. We come together now because of the urgency to give direction to our people.”

Azapo’s Phandelani Nefolovhodwe says, “The root cause is the capitalist regime which we have inherited from Kempton Park.”

On Tuesday, De Klerk said the latest attempt to charge him, will fail like others before. “The Truth and Reconciliation Commission tried their best to put guilt on me for gross violations of human rights. They did not succeed because my hands are clean. So, I won’t lose any sleep about it whatsoever.”

The Nobel Peace Prize winner is credited with the unbanning of political parties and the release of Nelson Mandela.