Architectural technology to tap on Zim Diaspora expertise

Zimbabwe has not had any meaningful construction with the last major
building in the City being Joina City. With Zimbabwe’s new leadership
focusing on rebuilding the country there is now a need to identify
Zimbabwe’s talent around the world. One area we need to focus on is
Architectural technology. Architectural technology is not a term that is
familiar with lots of Zimbabweans. An Architectural Technologist, also
known as a Building Technologist, provides technical building
design services and is trained in architectural technology, building
technical design and construction. Alexio Nota is a Zimbabwean national
Architectural Technologist based in the UK. He is one of the experts in
his field with some of his designs that include residential designs and
commercial designs.
While architects are responsible for coming up with initial concepts and
designs, architectural technologists are more concerned with the
technical side of construction. They work closely with architects,
engineers, planners, surveyors and other building professionals to
resolve any potential design problems before construction starts.
According to Alex his work activities include:
selecting the best materials and processes for the project
surveying sites and identifying location benefits
carrying out feasibility studies and risk assessments
assessing environmental impacts and identifying legal issues
analysing architectural plans and drawings, highlighting any possible
risks or problems and making amendments using computer-aided design
applications (CAD)
specifying the appropriate technology and tools to be used in the
project and advising where this requires deviation from the initial
design plans
liaising with the architect, surveyors and other construction
professionals, sometimes managing the design project team
preparing documents to help with getting planning permission and similar
visiting sites to check progress and inspect work
With experts like Alexio Nota there is now a need for our government to
tap the diasporas to get them involved in the reconstruction program of
our nation.