Army Summons Newsday Journalist Over Chiwenga Illness Story

Langa was accompanied to the Defence House by Newsday assistant editor Wisdom Mudzungairi.

“I can confirm Langa was summoned to Defence House on Tuesday,” said Zimbabwe Union of Journalists secretary general Foster Dongozi.

“It is in connection with a story she wrote saying that Chiwenga was ill and had flown to China to seek treatment. They wanted to know the source of the story. I have just spoken to her and she says they were
not nasty to her. But to us, it still remains a matter of concern because it becomes difficult to separate a genuine desire to find out the source of the information and harassment.”

Responding to reports of his illness, a visibly fit Chiwenga on Monday scoffed at reports of his illness saying stories written over his health were sensational and untrue.

“Why did they write such a sensational story, which is not true?” Chiwenga was quoted in the local media as saying.

“If people were to be as sick as other people would want them to be, then everybody would have died a long time ago. “Why is my absence, not anybody else’s, synonymous with being sick?” asked Chiwenga.