Art mirrors EU, Zimbabwe Relationship

Zimbabwe artists have been invited to showcase their depicting Zimbabwe’s relationship with the EU.

National Gallery of Zimbabwe Communications officer, Rutendo Mutadzapasi: “All those who will show great work will have a prize to walk home with. The top three works with get prize money to the tune of US$500, 350 and 150 respectively.”

She added that artists should reveal and re-visit the historical and geographical background of the EU giving details to the symbolism of its flag, its colours, map, the stars, structure, borders, passport, currencies and commonalities while exploring the relations between EU and Zimbabwe.”

Works expected include those of Lin Barrie who has created a piece called Zimbabwe/EU Food Security- Wildlife animal conflict, an illustration of an elephant towering over a woman sitting on the ground next to some traditional refreshments and vegetables.

Mutadzapasi said the works included Charles Kamagwana’s just a ride, a collage of colours that portrays a social statement of two men riding their bicycles along a narrow road whilst chatting, exploring the idea that some problems are better left behind the walls and when people come together they should work towards a common goal.

An official at the EU office said he was confident the exhibition will be a success: “We help Zimbabwe a lot and understanding each other’s identity is of paramount importance and what more than through the beauty of art.”

The exhibition is coming at a time when President Robert Mugabe recently launched an anti-sanctions campaign against the EU and other western countries that have imposed targetted sanctions on him and his Zanu (PF) officials.

The EU recently extended the targetted sanctions for another year, citing the failure to fully implement the Global Political Agreement (GPA) that brought the shaky coalition government in 2009. The EU, however, also removed some people off the controversial targetted sanctions list.