Artist Arrested For Recording Music Video

A member of the group told Radio VOP that they were arrested on Tuesday afternoon.
“We were arrested for filming along the railway track and the charge was that we were using NRZ property without authority,” said the group member.
The arrest on Tuesday was not the first time that Cde Fatso and his group has had a run in with the law. Cde Fatso has in the past been harassed by the police and state security agents for his politically loaded music.
Cde Fasto belongs to a new generation of Zimbabwean artists who use their artistic talents to challenge the country’s political order under President Robert Mugabe.
Together with his band made up of young artists, Cde Fasto uses poetry and music fusion to spread across social and political messages that affects young people in Zimbabwe.
Cde Fasto is one of the most explosive and controversial musicians coming out of Zimbabwe. His music is hardly played on the state monopolised radio and television stations in Zimbabwe. But his tentacles has spread into the southern African region and is also slowly making inroads in other parts of the world as he tries to use his power of the word and sound to tell the story of Zimbabwe.
He performed in the Serbian city of Novi Sad in July where he highlighted the political plight of Zimbabweans at the Exit Festival.
The festival is famed for contributing to the fall of the Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic.
Cde Fatso calls his poetry Toyi Toyi Poetry, a term which refers to some form of prose street poetry that mixes Shona with English and electrifying guitars with mbira creating a pulsating hip hop sound.
It’s the kind of music that aims to advocate for an uprising against oppression in an otherwise conservative Zimbabwean society which is often comfortable solving disputes using any other means other than violence.
In 2008 Munro launched his first album titled House of Hunger whose release was met with all kinds of responses from the state. From confiscation of CD copies to imposition of a ban because of its hard-hitting and in your face political critic