Artist to go on solo demonstration against corruption

Silvanos Mudzvova an award winning and internationally acclaimed theatre actor and director and producer with Vhitori Entertainment, told Radio VOP:

“I am motivated by the desire to ensure that public office holders are accountable to their constituency. Just look at the Chombo case he has stands in high density areas where the poor live and what that tells us is that he is taking from the poor and the poor have to speak against this,” said Mudzvova who will be following in the footsteps of James Maridadi who a few years ago marched to parliament when he was still a radio presenter at ZBC.
“We have been quite for too long and as long as we are quite these things will continue,” he said.

Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo is believed to own several housing properties and cars listed in a report published by the Herald Newspaper quoting High Court papers filed by his estranged wife Mariam with whom he is engaged in a messy divorce affair. Chombo, has however, through his lawyers disputed the published list of the properties.

Mudzvova said his demonstration will last for three hours and the police had granted him the permission to stage the march.

He said the demonstration is aimed at Members of Parliament, the Attorney General, Reserve of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor, civil servants, mayors and councillors across the country whom he said should declare their assets before taking office.

“It is my hope that after the demonstration Parliament will craft a law that makes it mandatory for every public office holder to declare assets and fear to abuse office by enriching themselves as is the case with Chombo. The public office abuse has been going on since independence and in the end of every office abuse we end up with a commission that doesn’t bring out any result hence the need to call for a law that makes it criminal to abuse public office,” said Mudzvova in a posting on his Face book page.