Aspiring Radio Broadcasting Company To Work With ZBC

Presenting its roadmap, the aspiring radio broadcaster’s Chief Executive Musi Khumalo, told the gathering that her station when given the licence will partner with Transmedia.

“Our Radio station will be predominantly music and entertainment. Our programming format has a component of news and we are looking to partner with the national broadcaster for some of our news content…”.

The public responded angrily to Kiss Media’s plans to get news from ZBC citing its bias to ZANU (PF).

“We do not see the real change which you are going to bring in the broadcasting industry if you are going to take news from ZBC whose credibility is questionable,” asked one observer from the public gallery.  “ZBC’s news is unbalanced, inaccurate and biased towards one political party and for you to get news from them is not going to do any good to Zimbabweans who are in dire need of professional journalism.”

“We are not going to use everything from ZBC but taping resources from there. If you have issues with ZBC there can be channelled to that organisation, “she responded.

Kiss FM also announced that it will be partnering with Zimbabwe’s signal carrier, Transmedia, in reaching out to the public.

Transmedia is struggling to service the one and only broadcaster ZBC by failing to reach all the corners of the country.

KISS FM comprises banker Douglas Munatsi(board chair), Musi Khumalo (company Chief executive) Sharon Mugabe(non-Executive director) Oliver Mtukudzi(Non-Executive Director),Joseph Zimuto(Non-Executive Director),Phibion Gwatidzo(Non-Executive Director),Tony Ndoro (Head-Programming),George Munetsi(Programs manager),Bertha Charuma(Senior Announcer and Chris Masikati(technical consultant).

Two more public hearings are expected this month out of the 14 who applied for a radio licence.