AU Rapid Intervention Force Ready For Deployment By End Of September

The African Union’s Peace and Security Rapid Intervention Force will be ready for deployment by the 31st of September this year.

Volunteering countries have responded positively thus enabling the force to be operational with all the training required.

This announcement was made during the consideration of the report of the African Union (AU) Peace and Security Council at the Peace and Security Council meeting held in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. 

 Since the last African Union Summit in January this year, the continent has witnessed an increase in security threats.

Rising violence and terrorist acts against civilians by armed groups in countries like Somalia, Nigeria and Central African Republic (CAR) among others. 

And now the force is ready to carry out its task of bringing back stability to the continent.

AU Chairperson, Abdel Aziz says “It’s high time we made all the sacrifices for the success of this crucial objective because conflict situations are prevailing on the continent.”  

South Africa expressed its appreciation to the AUPSC for resolving the often challenging and complicated issues confronting the continent.  

President Jacob Zuma said intervention force will reduce the prevalence of conflict and bolster efforts of a conflict free Africa by 2020.    

Despite the progress achieved the AU is still faced with some few challenges which include specific mechanism of funding to support the rapid force activities.    

However, it has undertaken to spearhead efforts to address these challenges and consult closely with other member states to find solutions.