Austerity: We know people are suffering— Chinamasa

By Heather Buzuzi

MUTARE— Zanu PF national secretary for finance and politburo member Patrick Chinamasa has said that his party knows that the masses are suffering but announced that they are working on a raft of measures to make sure that they rescue people from the economic hardships.

Chinamasa said he understands why some people are beginning to get frustrated with the current economic situation but called on calm while President Emmerson Mnangagwa led administration delivers the change the country needs.

Addressing an Indigenization Breakfast meeting at Holiday Inn recently, Chinamasa said when the ‘new dispensation’ was ushered in, there were high expectations across the political divide for immediate change.

“We know people are suffering but joy is on the horizon. Very soon we will be looking back with a sigh of relief that we have done it.

“The country was in a mess when the new dispensation took and we understand that people had their own expectations as to what should happen in the country. We all want a better country for everyone but that does not come over night.

“We won’t work miracles to turn around the economy but we will take those baby steps until we get there,” said Chinamasa.

Chinamasa called on the Zimbabwean people to give President Mnangagwa some time to impelement his vision which will bring in a better country for everyone.

“The President has a vision and we must all support it. Negativism will only affect us together so let us put our hands together and work for our country.

“This is the only country we have so we must guard and protect it jealously. Vision2030 is a reality and we must all embrace and support it,” said Chinamasa.

On indigenisation, Chinamasa said people’s contributions are welcome to make sure that they come up with a law that serves their interests.

“Our President is a listening man that is why we want to listen to people’s contributions so that we can review our policy on indigenization and economic empowerment,” said Chinamasa.


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