Australia To Resume Playing Cricket With Zimbabwe

Australia cut ties with Zimbabwe when the Australian government blocked their national team from playing Zimbabwe outside of ICC events in 2004.

They were  then followed by the England Cricket Board and Cricket South Africa who also cut ties with Zimbabwe due to a deteriorating political situation in Zimbabwe.

However Cricket South Africa resumed all bilateral relations with Zimbabwe Cricket early this year following the signing of the Global Political Agreement (GPA).

“Decisions about cricket fixtures and tours are matters for Cricket Australia to decide,” a spokesperson said. “The Australian government will continue to provide advice to Cricket Australia on security and other matters that might affect those decisions. Cricket is one area that has shown some improvement following the return of numerous former players to the fold.”

Meanhwhile chairman of selectors Alistair Campbell has criticised nations who are hesitating to re-engage with Zimbabwe cricket for political reasons.

“We need to play to progress. What’s the point of not giving the Zimbabwe cricket team visas?” Campbell told the Guardian.

“Do you honestly think we live in built-up compounds with security outside and bomb barriers? Do you think we would all live there and send our kids to school there if it was a war zone?

“I mean please let’s be real about this. Just ask the Australian ambassador. He lives here, does he report back home that he drives in an armoured car and wears a bullet-proof vest? “I mean, he’s out playing golf every Wednesday.”