Australian Ambassador Impressed With Inclusive Govt

“I am actually very impressed on how the government has worked together particularly given the divisions, which where there in 2008 and the circumstance around the controversial elections then,” he told Radio VOP on Thursday.

“Both sides have since known one another much better in this process.  It was good yesterday (Wednesday) to see the Prime Minister, President and vice presidents seating together there, in a friendly manner during the national special day (Independence celebrations). It is my hope and wish that this spirit can continue because it is so necessary for the future of Zimbabwe,” he added.

“I know there is a lot of criticism of the Inclusive Government and let me tell you that it is never easy in coalition government. Even in Australia, Labour party our biggest party, is in coalition…because they do not have a majority and in Britain you have a coalition between two different parties and in those countries it is actually difficult.”

Prime Minister and Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai and his party senior officials attended the celebrations held at the national sports stadium which was filled to capacity.

Discord however continues to prevail in the three year old coalition government among others the constitution making process, implementation of the Indigenisation policy as well as outstanding security and media reforms.

“Let me acknowledge that without the inclusive government countries like Australia would not have had the opportunity to provide the kind of support we have provided to Zimbabwe and achieved the progress that has been achieved over the few years,” he added.