Average Zimbabwean Living On US$3,24/day

THE average Zimbabwean lived on US$3,24 a day in September, according to the latest national datum lines from Zimbabwe national statistics agency (ZimStat).  

This is above the World Bank’s Bank updated international poverty line of US$1,90 a day (old line was at US$1,25).

Zimbabwe is classified as a low income country by the World Bank. According to the latest available data, 72 percent of the population lives below the poverty lines.

The figures show that the total consumption poverty line (TCPL) for Zimbabwe stood at US$97,31 per person in Zimbabwe. This represents a decrease of 0,58 percent when compared to the August 2015 figure of US$97,88.

The TCPL for an average five persons stood at US$486,56, a decrease of 0,58 percent when compared to the August figure of US$489,51.

The Food Poverty Line for one person stood at US$30,86 from US$31,04. The FPL which is at US$1,03 a day represents the minimum consumption expenditure necessary to ensure that each household member can (if all expenditures were devoted to food) consume a minimum food basket representing 2 100 calories.

The FPL for an average of five families stood at US$154,32 a decrease of 0,6 percent from the August figure of US$155,22.

Again no details included in the index are provided but the differences in costs between different parts of the country are shown. Compared to US$486,56, the average cost for the basic requirements for a family of five for the whole country, the figure for Harare is at US$488,83, Bulawayo at US$501,94, Manicaland at US$438,30, Mash Central at US$484,24, Mash East at US$460,26, Mash West US$466,98, Mat North US$570 61, Mat South US$548 55, Midlands US$431,24 and Masvingo US$492,22. 



Financial Gazette