Axed Zanu PF Youth Leaders Blast Mugabe March

By Mlondolozi Ndlovu

Harare, April 21, 2016 – AXED Zanu PF youth leaders linked to a party faction fronted by Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa have dismissed plans by a section of the party’s youth leadership to organise the so-called One million men march in support of President Robert Mugabe’s faulting leadership.

Zanu PF youths led by party deputy youth chair Kudzai Chipanga have called for a march next month to try and prop up Mugabe’s waning popularity after he has come under fire from party loyalists for failing to deal with Zanu PF’s fierce internal wars.

Chipanga, who Makoni West MP, is linked to the so-called Generation 40, a group of ambitious and younger party politicians fighting for Zanu PF control ahead of Mugabe’s imminent exit from politics.

Mugabe’s wife, Grace is widely viewed as godmother of G40.

The veteran leader has infuriated party loyalists, among them war veterans viewed sympathetic to Mnangagwa, for alleged bias towards G40.

But speaking at a press conference in Harare on Thursday, former Zanu PF Mashonaland Central youth chair, Godfrey Tsenengami rubbished the march saying it was insulting of supposedly popular leader of a 14 million nation to have only a million rallying behind him.

“Chipanga’s decision to have 1 million supporters is misplaced. We won’t participate in it. It is an insult to the President to say 1 million people to support you when you have 14 million Zimbabweans,” said Tsenengami, who was also representing nine other provincial youth leaders sacked at the same time with him.

The expelled youths include Washington Nkomo, Edmore Samambwa, Tamuka Nyoni, Godwin Gomwe, Khumbulani Mpofu and Vengai Musengi.

The youths, who are sympathetic to Mnangagwa, were being accused of being disloyal to President Mugabe and his wife.

Tsenengami further lambasted the Zanu PF youth leader for poor priorities which focussed on eulogising a failing leader while saying there was need for him to march in solidarity with jobless youths.

“Chipanga has done nothing for the youth. How many youths have no jobs or how many jobs have been created?

“He is not even telling the youths about their challenges but wants to lie about the President,” said Tsenengami who was accompanied by former Harare youth chair Godwin Gomwe.

The outspoken Tsenengami further said the planned demonstration was a sign that Chipanga was out of touch with reality.

“He is not in touch with the supporters. Instead of this march, we will engage in a mobilisation exercise instead of this exercise of expelling people. Most people won’t take part in the march,” he said.

Gomwe, on his part, was adamant they were still legitimate Zanu PF members despite their unceremonious expulsion which they have been contesting and claiming was a G40 operation aimed at ridding the party of Mnangagwa allies.

“We were fired by G40; Zanu PF still wants us,” said the controversial former party youth chair for Harare.

“This cabal is led by Saviour Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo who are all crooks. These are the destroyers of the party and one of them is Zhuwawo but these two (Kasukuwere and Moyo) are the kingpins.”

Kasukuwere, Moyo and Zhuwawo are cabinet ministers who are also politburo members.