Barman Cautioned Over Thomas Mapfumo's Song

The barman, Lovemore Mudenda was approached by two plain clothes police officers from the police’s law and order section who were drinking beer in the popular drinking spot and ordered to stop playing Mapfumo’s CD claiming that the song incite violence.

“One of our patrons took the CD from his car and requested me to play the song Masoja neMapurisa. When I played the song the patrons started dancing and shouting masoja nemapurisa, masoja nemapurisa (soldiers and police). “

“When the song finished playing the patrons asked for more of the song and this did not go down well with the officers who took me aside and ordered me to stop playing the song,” said Mudenda in an interview with Radio VOP.

Mudenda said the police told him that by playing the song he was trying to incite the security forces and the public to revolt against the government like what recently happened in Egypt and Tunisia.

“The police officers claim the lyrics in the song were directed at President Robert Mugabe. Some of the lyrics are: ‘Nhai baba masoja nemapurisa akaramba kurova vanhu muchaita sei? (Father, if soldiers and police refuse to beat people, what will you do?) and ‘Nhai baba muchaenda kupi? (Father, where are you going to live if they refuse to beat up people?).”

The owner of the club, Gift Shoko confirmed the incident but declined to give more details.

“I have told my guys to be careful with the type of music which they play these days. I do not think this incident is worth of a story. Write about our business” said Shoko.

The incident comes barely a week after three Penhalonga residents languished in prison for more than one week for allegedly converting the words of a Zanu (PF) jingle Nyatsoterera that heaps praise on Mugabe into a “defamatory” funeral hymn.

The three Patrick Chikoti, Faith Mudiwa and Philip Dowera sang ‘Ngatishande takabatana tibvise kamudhara aka muoffice mupinde president wenyika Morgan Tsvangira’ (Let’s work together to remove this old man from office so that Morgan Tsvangirai can rule the country).

The Zanu (PF) jingles composed by Mbare Chimurenga Choir have been playing incessantly on both national radio and television