Battle For Brenda Fassie Estate

The case first came to court last week, when Feldman lodged an application for an order that would force Fassie’s former producer, Sello Chicco Twala, to account for money he had collected from her recording company, EMI.

Twala denied that he had misappropriated any of the cash and claimed that Feldman enriched himself to the tune of R4-million from Fassie’s estate.

On Monday, Twala’s lawyer, Steven Kuny, tried to amend Twala’s plea, asking the court to consider whether Feldman had standing as Fassie’s executor in view of “the allegation that Feldman was not properly appointed”.

Kuny was referring to an application in the Pretoria High Court, brought by Fassie’s 24-year-old son, Bongani, in which he claims that his signature on the form appointing Feldman executor was forged.

But Feldman’s lawyer, Mark Smit, said Bongani Fassie’s application “was simply another device engineered to obtain a postponement”.

Judge Boissie Mbha dismissed Twala’s application, saying the two matters were separate and could not be heard at the same time. Times Live