BBC Grills Prof Moyo

After  hard grilling by the BBC, Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has questioned the British’s view of Zimbabwe which he says is shaped by stereotyping.

He was answering the BBC’s Hardtalk anchor Stephen Sackur who appeared to rely on information from one private newspaper and his one-day experience in Zimbabwe.

Professor Moyo said BBC’s reportage of Zimbabwe as biased and shaped by stereotype.

ZBC News reports that Moyo told Sackur that his less than 24-hour stay in Zimbabwe cannot be enough for him to allege that the country is a failing economy due to its leadership and policies.

After being pinned down on lack of freedom of expresssion Professor Moyo accused the internationally renowned broadcaster of lacking respect for the structures and history of the country.

Sackur linked Itai Dzamara’s disappearance to the Zanu (PF) government which he accused of gross human rights violations, according to the same sources that he got his information from.

The wide ranging Hardtalk interview also addressed the Dr Joice Mujuru ouster, succession agenda, the recent xenophobic attacks and gukurahundi as the presenter tried to portray the Zanu PF government as undemocratic.

However, Professor Moyo, after further roasting, pointed out that unlike Britain which is a monarch, Zimbabwe allows her leaders to be chosen by the people in a democratic way,despite many controversial election results.