Bedwetting woman confesses witchcraft to husband

By Brighton Chiseva

ZAKA – A young woman from Mukachana village under Chief Nhema in Zaka confessed to her husband that she practiced witch craft after he had quizzed on her bed-wetting habits.

Getrude Jaricha, who is married to Nick Mushayavanhu of Mushayavanhu village, also implicated her grandmother and her other identified colleagues in her witchcraft practice.

Mukachana village head, Alex Moledge confirmed the incident and said he referred the matter to Chief Ndanga who later referred them to Zinatha provincial offices at Kyle House in Masvingo.

“The matter was reported to my court. She confessed that she was a witch and that her grandmother, alongside other four women from the same village, often came to take her on their nocturnal witchcraft expeditions,” said Moledge.

He said Jaricha, who is five months pregnant, would wet the bed every night but would not move even if her husband tried to wake her up.

“She told her husband that her grandmother comes with other ladies from the village and off they would go to graveyards and where she would open graves using a whip.

“When I summoned them to my court she said the same. She accused her grandmother of initiating her into witchcraft when she was still a young girl. She said on the day of her initiation, her grandmother asked her not to sleep in the room in which she often slept with other girls, but to rather come and sleep in the same room with her.

“In the dead of the night, the old lady asked her to take a potion that she claimed would make her wiser. She was given a baby whom she was asked to carry on her back upside down, and she said she breastfeeds the baby as her own even though she hasn’t given birth as yet,” said Moledge.