Beheading Operation Launched To Terrify Zim Villagers

A senior Zanu (PF) official, who requested to remain anonymous, told Radio VOP the party was identifying brave youths and party leaders who will be trained in beheading people who are anti-Zanu (PF).

“What is going to happen is that supporters of the puppet MDC party will be beheaded and their families will be handed over the body without the head for burial,” he said.

We are at the moment identifying youths who will from next month go to Harare to receive military training about this. This operation is replacing the June 2008 Presidential run off’s operation long and short sleeves,” said the official.

Operation long and short sleeves which was launched in Mashonaland Central during the bloody June 27 2008 Presidential run off elections saw MDC supporters being slashed off their hands by Zanu (PF) supporters.

The province which is a Zanu (PF) stronghold registered the highest cases of political violence during that period. Nearly 200 MDC supporters are believed to have been killed during the violence and no perpertrators of the violence have been prosecuted by the courts.

President Robert Mugabe of Zanu (PF) and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai of the main MDC faction are calling for an election next year.

Meanwhile the country’s churches have warned against fresh elections saying they will be marred by serious violence caused by war veterans and Zanu (PF) youth militias.

In a joint statement, church groups which include Zimbabwe Council of Churches, the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe, the Christian Alliance and the Student Christian Movement of Zimbabwe warned against fresh elections.

“Institutions and infrastructure that support violence such as the youth militia, war veterans and a partisan security force remain unreformed and therefore a threat to democratic elections.”

“The polarised environment does not favour the holding of elections as violence would most likely erupt. The political environment remains highly volatile, uncertain, and tense,”said the church groups

Zimbabwe’s unity government formed in February2009 has been strained following the recent unilateral appointing of government officials by Mugabe without consulting Tsvangirai.
The Senate failed to open in Parliament on Wednesday after frustrated MDC senators broke into song denouncing the governor appointments.

Tsvangirai recently described the coalition government as a mixture of oil and water saying elections were the only way out of frustrations by Zanu (PF) which continued to violate the Global Political Agreement (GPA) which gave birth to the unity government.