Benjani Mwaruwari's Sister Goes Under In Britain

Mwaruwari, 31 – earns £40,000 a week as a striker with the Premiership’s side Sunderland, but his sister Maria allegedly lied about her nationality to claim asylum in the United Kingdom.

Immigration officers visited her West Yorkshire home but she had vanished. And when they called her on her mobile she refused to say where she was.

Maria entered the UK on a Malawian passport but later said that she was from Zimbabwe, where political unrest makes it easier for citizens to win asylum here. Her visitors’ visa expired in 2007.

Mwaruwari refused to comment on his affairs when he contacted by telephone in Manchester the United Kingdom on Tuesday.

He said he would not talk about his personal life and opted to talk about football.

The Zimbabwe captain lives in the United Kingdom with his wife Thembi and four sons Colinses, Tiyezhe, Belle and Benjani Junior.

Mwaruwari in another development said he is saddened that a few players are breaking into the lucrative European leagues. He attributed this to the lack of a sound junior policy.

He said he would inject part of his fortune to run a vibrant junior league in addition to sponsoring his own team. The project was kick started in Magwegwe in Bulawayo where the striker grew up. He intends to take the project to other parts of the country.

“We not to have proper junior structures in Zimbabwe that is the reason why we do not players breaking into the top Europeans. Its sad because when I grew we used to have a vibrant junior league. I have a long-term ambition to sponsor a junior league including running my own academy. We have started doing that in Magwegwe,” Mwaruwari said.