Beres Hammond Fails To Turn Up, Delta Demands Explanation

Much to the chagrin of many, the promoters Shumba Instrumentation did not explain the reason for the no show.

What saved the show was the fact that Cocoa Tea honoured the contract and actually gave a five star performance but despite this most people are up in arms with the organisers for the bungling.

They are conflicting reports as to why he failed to attend with some alleging he had commitments somewhere else while others allege he had no idea that he was supposed to perform in Harare in the first place.

The promoters have been scarce and attempt to get them to talk proved hard as they did not respond to both phone calls and written questions.

George Takaedza who attended the show said: “The other time I paid to watch Sean Kingston perform I was so disappointed I wanted to die. The other time I expected Timbaland to come and he failed to come, then Akon’s show where my 100 dollars did not buy me freedom in the VIP but mingled me with youths who paid as little as 5 dollars to get in.”

Another reveller, Mildred Muringai was disappointed and said fly by night promoter deserved to be arrested: “What I gather is that we actual pay more when these artists come here compared to what they get where ever they come from. My plea then is why do we always get a raw deal and why is it that promoters do not even care to explain?”

Delta Beverages, the financiers of the festival where in shock: “We were told that the money reached the artist so we are in shock as to why this happened. We are getting to the bottom of it. We need to get to the bottom of this because as a big brand that we are we expect only a good name from our initiatives.”

Hammond was expected as early as Thursday.