Bhasikiti Vows Will Never Return To 'Dead' Zanu PF

Zanu-PF is now a dead party in its early decomposing state, the former Minister of State for Provincial Affairs for Masvingo Kudakwashe Bhasikiti (pictured) has said.

Bhasikiti dismissed claims that he desperately needs to rejoin the ruling party after he was booted out for supporting former Vice President Joice Mujuru.

Bhasikiti, who used to consistently attack President Robert Mugabe has suddenly toned downed, a development which analysts said the former Mwenezi East legislator was trying to curry favour with the nonagenarian, with the intention of being readmitted now that Zanu-PF has set up an appeals tribunal to look into the issues around the expulsion and suspension of members.

The former minister and other expelled members have since formed the Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) which is being led by Mujuru.

Bhasikiti, however, said although he has forgiven Mugabe for he did not know what he was doing, he still wants Mugabe to apologise to all expelled members for unfair treatment. 

“Some people say, ‘Bhasikiti is being apologetic and wants to trace his footsteps back to Zanu-PF’, but that will not happen under the sun. I am now a full-fledged member of the Zimbabwe People First party (ZimPF).

“As ZimPF we call on all those expelled not to waste their time appealing their cases because Zanu-PF is now a dead party. Those in Zanu-PF should come and join us because we are the only party which can remove Mugabe from office,” Bhasikiti said.

“When I said I had forgiven Mugabe it was misconstrued by some to mean I was courting a pardon from Mugabe but that’s not the case. I also said ZimPF will not persecute Mugabe when we take over power. This is not a way of trying to earn favours from him but is because he is too old for that,” he added.

Bhasikiti slammed the appeals committee put in place by Zanu-PF to enable all the expelled members to challenge their suspensions.

“It is extremely surprising to hear Zanu-PF asking those it expelled or suspended to write letters of appeal. Unashamedly, they set up a kangaroo court to hear those appeals.

“To me and others like our president Dr Joice Mujuru, ZimPF stands as the only party which carries the hope for the economic and democratic freedoms which have been destroyed by Mugabe.”