Big Brother AFrica's Munya and Leroy Gopal To Act In A Movie

The film is expected to be shot in May and the fans of the two actors are ecstatic. The name of the film has been kept a secret while auditions will commence in three weeks.

Munya said: “I respect Gopal a lot and I think we will have a time of our life together on set. I am looking forward to it. I believe as Zimbabweans we should support film and talent.”

Writer and director Joe Njagu said the setting of the movie will alternate between Zimbabwe and South Africa: “I will not reveal the budget at the moment but it will be a good production that the movie fans should be assured of.

Njagu recently gave a lecture at the Midlands State University where he delivered a public lecture on film making at the invitation of the university’s Theatre Arts department.

Njagu who also wrote and directed the film Lobola, in which Munya stars, said the new movie whose setting is between South Africa and Zimbabwe, will also feature actors from the two countries.

The combinations between Munya and Gopal promises to bring a refreshing end to the local film industry since the two have made names in different ways.

Munya recently starred in Lobola after making headlines for narrowly missing the Big Brother Africa prize while Gopal, who became popular with a lead role in locally produced Yellow Card, has done very well in South Africa.