Big Brother Slugger Shown The Door

According to M-Net spokesperson Lani Lombard, Hannington breached the show’s rules by assaulting South African contestant Lerato Sengadi on Tuesday during a heated argument.
When he pulled a Chris Brown on Lerato, Uganda’s Hannington detonated a social bomb that exploded throughout Africa and the fire is very much alive. Many women’s rights organisations wanted the ‘Big Brother: All Stars’ contestant’s head. Some even advocated that the police be allowed to go in the show’s set and arrest him. The seemingly general consensus was that he be sent out of the game and back to his country.
For his part, Hannington showed remorse over what had happened, so much he volunteered to leave at first. A psychologist was brought in by Big Brother to see him.
Perhaps due to outside pressure from the human rights all over and the outraged viewers, Big Brother’s production company, Endemol decided that it would be best to have him leave the house. In a statement issued by M-Net, Hannington is said to be out for further support and treatment for an unspecified period. 
It also read: ‘M-Net and Endemol have decided on the following course of action: Hannington Kuteesawill be evicted for contravening the Big Brother rules in relation to violence and Lerato Sengadi will remain in the house, but will also be sanctioned. ‘Big Brother All Stars’ is a reality television programme that is designed to contain 14 housemates in a house for 91 days under certain rules and regulations’.
Ka-boom! In their last moments together with Hannington, barnmates were sad to see him go with every woman present crying. Perhaps the most melancholic point was when Lerato and Hannington finally spoke and forgave each other.
On Tuesday night, while having a brainstorming session, Lerato and Hannington had a verbal altercation which then turned violent, to the shock of their barn mates. In the scuffle, Lerato sustained a cut on her top lip. The incident drew a major rift between Hannington and the rest of the female contestants. Their given task suffered a huge blow since the members were not a team anymore. Only when he was told to leave did Hannington get back into everyone good books.
He is now in a unspecified location getting some help for his violent behaviour. The Ugandan is an entrepreneur who was in last year’s ‘Big Brother Revolution’ showcase. It is unclear when we will see him next, but whenever that is, here’s hoping he would have received the help he needs. IOL