Bikita Irate Villagers Brand Mugabe A Liar

Maluleke, was forced to abort his address to villagers at Rozva business centre, near Nyika Growth point, after his address was drowned by villagers who openly told him that Prime Minister Tsvangirai cared much more for the than President Mugabe, who they accused of making empty promises for the past 30 years.
The Masvingo governor, who is also the Resident Minister directly appointed by Mugabe, was dressed down after he tried to tell hungery villagers that the food asistance promised by Prime Minister Tsvangirai last week during a tour,was in fact going to come from President Mugabe.
”Yes the Prime Minister was here last week to assess the food situation but the food he promised is not going to come from his efforts alone but from the efforts of the government that is led by President Mugabe, so the PM was just an emmissary send by the President who will look for the food,”said Maluleke.
However, the villagers would have none of it as they heckled the shaken Governor and told him openly that they had a lot of faith in the MDC-T leader.
”Sit down you are lying to us Mugabe is a liar who has been lying to us for the past 30 years. We know Save (PM Tsvangirai) will deliver the food to us he is the people’s leader not you sit down, sit down you stooge we do not need your food we know Save (PM Tsvangirai) will give us the food as he promised. What something new can you tell us now when you have been lying to us for the past 30 years,” said some villagers in the crowd.
The villagers continued to heckle Maluleke until he gave up and sat down while others started streaming back to their homes hurling insults at the governor.
Ironically, Maluleleke accompanied PM Tsvangirai during his food assessment tour that took him through Rozva busiess centre but the Masvingo governor said nothing during the tour as he cut a lonely figure.
Chief Chinhamo from the area also took aim at Maluleke asking why he was trying to belittle Tsvangirai when they were now in an inclusive government.
”I really do not understand you some of our leaders, last week you came here and introduced Tsvangirai here why have you returned to tell us today that only the President can feed us, is Tsvangirai also not part of your government,”Chief Chinhamo chipped in.
Most villagers in rural areas have remained passionate supporters of Tsvangirai and his MDC-T party despite violence and thorough beatings by the military and Zanu PF militia that swept through most rural areas in the run-up to the shamed June 27 2008 presidential run-off that was dismissed as a sham by the international community after Tsvangirai pulled out allowing Mugabe to win a one man race.