Binga Villagers Refuse To Grab White Owned Firms

Speaking at the Kujatana Nkubotu Peace Half Marathon Peace race on Saturday , Chombo who was the guest of honour at occasion took advantage of the large crowd who attended the function to campaign for Zanu (PF), much to the disappointment of the predominantly Tonga tribe at the function.

“You people here have not been voting well during the previous elections. My party want you to take and own all those white fishing companies along the Zambezi River. That other party is protecting the whites and they do not want indigenisation,” said Chombo amid murmurs of disapproval from the crowd.

Chombo who was apparently expecting ululations and hands clapping from the crowd also tried to please the Tonga people by thanking them for contributing “positively “ during the constitutional outreach programme.

“..Cde Munyaradzi Mangwana has briefed us that you people from Binga did not disappoint the party in your contributions. We are very happy and as a party we expect you to support the new constitution during the forthcoming referendum,” said Chombo.

The MDC –T councillor for ward 24 Luckson Ndlovu took a swipe at Chombo for politicising the function.

“This is a marathon and I do not know why Chombo choose the occasion to attack my party. I think you have seen for yourself the body language which people here displayed. People should never take people here for granted.” said Ndlovu.