Biti Breathes Fire – blasts Econet, NetOne, Telecel

“They are like hyenas,” a visibly angry Minister Biti told an ICT gathering in Harare.

“They all want to build fibre optic cables in Zimbabwe and that is why we have all those roads being dug up all over the country. Why can’t they just build one fibre optic cables and then share it like what happens in other countries in the world.”

He said hyenas ate everything they found from meat to bones and did not leave anything for others.

“They (network operators) must behave like cheetahs who leave some food for others such as meat and some bones,” Biti said amid laughter from the gathering.

“We cannot allow these network operators to just rip people off for their own profit.”

Zimbabwe has three cellular telephone network operators who are currently building fibre optic cables for their expansion so that customers can receive the impressive 3G technology as well as other advanced technologies in Zimbabwe.

This has however resulted in lots of holes in city centres all over the country.

The three cellular telephone networks are Econet Wireless Holdings Zimbabwe Limited (Econet) which is the largest.

The others are NetOne (Private) Limited which is wholly owned by government and the other is Telecel (Private) Limited which is partly privately owned with some shares belonging to war veterans in Zimbabwe