Biti Promises War Vets Regular Pension Payments

The war veterans had gone to Biti’s office demanding that the government resume paying their monthly allowances that were cut off
last year due to lack of funds in government coffers.

In 1997, following massive strikes by the war veterans, Zimbabwe dished out ZW$50 000 to every former combatant for their role
in the liberation of the country. In addition they were receiving monthly allowances and school fees for their children.

“Our economy is not yet perfoming.We need to wait a bit ,” Biti said and described the meeting with the war veterans as ‘friendly’.

Joseph Chinotimba, a war veteran leader, said his members did not come to fight with Biti but to discuss ways of alleviating the suffering of the former liberation fighters.

“He is an MDC (Biti), I am Zanu (PF) but he is in the GNU (Government of National Unity) so he deals with everyone, we did not come here to fight Biti, what we want is money,” Chinotimba said.