Biti's Accident Comes After Chihuri's Outburst

Speaking at a passout parade last Thursday called the allocation a “pittance” that does not cover the force’s operations. 

Chihuri, according to The Herald, urged Biti to ensure a fair distribution of funds to Government departments.

“Don’t feed only one child while others are dying, but I am glad that Government wants to (give funds to police), but there are some individuals who are against the idea. I am, however, not in a position to reveal names, but let it be known that we are watching,” Chihuri allegedly said.

The police chief said the force’s operations had been severely affected by the actions of people withholding funds.

“Let me reiterate that the meagre resources allocated to the organisation do not cover the requirements of its operations thus it is imperative for provinces to embark on capital projects to militate the shortage,” he said.

Biti was Tuesday evening involved in a serious car accident that competently wrecked his car and left him hospitalised.

Police spokesperson Tigere Chigome said the police were still investigating the cause of the accident.

“We understand that the minister (Biti) is still in a stable condition. He was treated and discharged,” said Chigome.

MDC spokesperson Nelson Chamisa on Wednesday morning the MDC legislator’s condition was stable.

The accident happened between 7 and 8 pm near Mupfure River, a bridge close to Chegutu, some 100 kilometres west of Harare.

According to Chamisa, Biti’s vehicle was involved in a sideswipe with a truck that was heading in the opposite direction.

He said the MDC would not proceed to make any claims of foul play before a police report had been released.

Zimbabwe’s roads are notorious for their dilapidated condition.

In March last year, a car in which Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was travelling was involved in a collision that killed his wife Susan.