Bizarre Sex Story Causes Stir In Bhora

“You know what happened a few days ago here KwaBhora,” a ZRP officer said in Shona, shouted using a loud speaker on top of a ZRP commuter omnibus.

The ZRP Team were driving around shops scattered around Juru Growth Point warning all males to stop rampant prostitution and go home especially after dark “when these naughty women will pounce on you” the serious ZRP male officer said speaking in Shona.

About two weeks ago four women, some claim they are local Bhora prostitutes, allegedly forced a visibly drunk man to make love to them using a “new condom” each time. After each stint the man was given US$5 by each “satisfied” woman but the catch to all of this was that he had to produce a sperm which each took away for other “uses”.

“The guy is now seriously ill,” said an unemployed Youth drinking a Scud sitting outside Tee One Bottle Store and Bara’s Butchery at Juru Growth Point in an exclusive interview.

“The women wanted the semen for other uses and this could be medicine. This is not the first time that this has happened in Bhora. The last time this happened the ‘lucky’ guy went crazy and has never returned to his wife or home.”

For his feat “The Good Samaritan” was paid a total of US$20 from the four “satisfied” women, the Youth said.

The ZRP thus warned all men about taking home any “strangers especially women” with them after they left either bottle stores or night clubs in the area.

One particular very popular nightclub is Makanda’s Restaurant, Take Away and Night Club which opens at 8:00am and closes at about 5:00am the next morning or when “the last customer wants to go home”.

“We only close after everyone is happy,” said Lucy, the smiling Bar lady in an exclusive interview. “What happens after here is none of our business. I know that ‘semen Story’ that you are talking about but it is none of my business. Thank you.”

She said the guy could have been drunk from a brew called “Zeds” which is a very popular brew being bought in bulk by cash-strapped but thirsty Zimbabweans.

Juru Growth Point used to be very notorious for prostitution especially by unemployed female Youths who waylaid their customers at night.

These “targets’ were mainly truck drivers enroute or from neighbouring Mozambique.

Sevelal “short time or resting rooms” built behind shops have been bashed down by the new Council. Councillors claim the “resting places” are promoting “promiscuity within the wealthy region”.

Last year the United States of Amercia (US) Government dished out 44 million male condoms to the Government of Zimbabwe through the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, according to Sharon Hudson-Dean Public Affairs Officer at the US Embassy in Harare.

Mybe some of them made their way to Juru Growth Point.

And, possibly, four of them were used on the “starving women who waylaid the drunken guy”.