Blitz Against Food Vendors In Gweru

By Sydney Gokomere

 Gweru, August 16, 2016 – GWERU City Council on Monday started the blitz on illegal food vendors with authorities saying the move was meant to prevent the spread of diseases.

Workers with the local authority on Tuesday descended on food stall operators and razed down the structures, with others having their cooking utensils confiscated.

The blitz targeted vendors in the Central Business District as well as those cooking and selling food in the high density areas.


But one vendor from Ascot suburb, Shyline Munetsi alleged that council workers made her pay $10 bribe to spare the demolition of her vending stalls.


“I was made to pay $10 by council workers who said the fee was meant to spare me,” Munetsi said.

 Daniel Murambwi also claimed the same adding that he was also made to pay the $10 before he was allowed to continue selling sadza.


In the past months, council workers, especially those who collect money in the streets have been accused of corruption and taking bribes from traders and motorists.


Acting Town Clerk, Edgar Mwedzi said the blitz on food vendors was meant to prevent the spread of diseases such as cholera.


Mwedzi however said people should report council employees who ask for bribes saying the local authority was against corrupt activities by its workers.


Many people have now joined the informal sector following the closure of companies that rendered thousands of former workers jobless.