Bona In Singapore For Work – Mugabe

Presenting US$ 110 000 in cash to Big Brother Africa (BBA) winner Wendall Parson, BBA contestant Vimbai Mutinhiri and comrades marathon winner Stephen Muzhingi, Mugabe said her first child is set to enrol for accounting articles in Singapore for the next two years.

The veteran 87 year old politician made the revelations when he was explaining the absence of his wife Grace to guests who were gathered at State House where he honoured Parson, Mutinhiri and Muzhingi.

“I am sorry that for now I am alone. For now I am as good as a bachelor, not that I am offering myself to any lady. My wife took our girl (Bona) to Singapore. She has finished a degree in Hong Kong. She is going to serve articles in accounting for two years in Singapore,” Mugabe said.

“Since she went with the girl there she is coming back on Sunday then my status as a bachelor will transform and I will get back to a married man,” he added to the laughter of guests.

Bona’s enrolment in Hong Kong in 2009 to study resulted in the government in Hong Kong being criticised for allowing Mugabe’s child to study in that country despite that his father is under sanctions from the European Union and United States of America for rights abuses.

Bona (22) was said to have enrolled at the University of Hong Kong using an alias name.
She enrolled at the height of Zimbabwe crisis before the formation of the coalition government by his father and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

In 2008 Australian government deported eight children of Zimbabwe senior officials after saying that the children were staying and studying in ‘luxury’ when the country was suffering in a crisis. This was at the time after the controversial violent 2008 presidential run-off.

Part of the eight children include Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono’s three children twins Pride and Praise while the third is Passion. Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri’s son Sylvester was also deported.