Boxing rankings in shambles

This has been revealed by renowned boxing promoter Stalin Mau Mau of Mau Mau Boxing promotions, who says some of the boxers still on the current rankings have either passed away or have long quit the sport.

He added that some boxers had changed weight divisions but this was not reflected on the current rankings, which had made it difficult for promoters to organise fights for boxers.

Rankings are used to arrange fights for boxers be it local and international. For example, a top ranked  boxer can challenge the champion while those ranked below have to fight amongst themselves before they can reach the level of challenging the title holder.

Zimbabwe Boxing Board of Control secretary general, Patrick Mukondiwa, confirmed they had not been able to update the rankings due to various reasons.

Mukondiwa said there had not been many fights on the local arena adding that ranking boxers on the basis of their participation in international fights had not been possible since most of them had been losing their fights.

Mukondiwa revealed that the board was in the process of liaising with promoters to get an update on each active boxer’s results in order for them to have an updated rating for boxers for future tournaments.

Zimbabwean boxing has been on a free fall due to fewer and fewer local tournaments while those boxers who have had the opportunity to fight on zonal scene had suffered humiliation at the hands of Zambian and Namibian boxers.