Boy (12) Beheaded In Scotch Cart Accident

By Judith Sibanda

Binga, May 03, 2016 – A grade six pupil from Tinde Primary School in Muzianina Village, Binga died after a scotch cart he was riding in overturned and landed on his neck before beheading him.

Mthulisi Mhlanga (12) under chief Pashu had been sent by his parents to escort her sister to Binga District hospital to deliver and he died on his way back home on Saturday evening last week.

Headman Shamiso Gwanya whose jurisdiction covers the area confirmed the incident.

He said the boy was travelling alone in a donkey drawn scotch cart when it overran a thick log which was along a foot path and it overturned.

“The young boy was riding in the scotch cart and there was no one leading the donkeys. He was on his way from escorting his pregnant sister going to wait for her delivery in Binga hospital,” he said.

“He was then seen by a young male neighbour who immediately went to report to his family that the cart overturned and landed on him and he was trapped.

Gwanya said when the villagers arrived at the gruesome scene, there was blood all over the place and his head was hanging outside.

“His half right hand and the head were cut separately while his body was under the cart. His teeth were protruding outside while others were lying on the ground. The cart was too heavy to be drawn by four donkeys and when it overturned that’s why it immediately cut off his head. He was declared dead immediately when we arrived.

Headman Gwanya said the matter was reported to the police who attended the scene.

He said the boy was buried at his parent’s homestead in Muzianina on Sunday.

Another villager and a teacher at the deceased’s school  described the incident as a tragedy to the whole community  and school as scotch cart accidents had claimed the lives of a number of small primary school pupils.

“A number of children, some in primary and others in secondary school have died in scotch cart accidents. We have lost a number of youngsters.

“A year ago, another boy of similar age was hit by a similar cart carrying logs near the same area. The cart overturned and all the logs fell on him and he got trapped underneath. He was found dead later by his neighbours who also immediately called the police.

The cart wheel hit a tree stump causing the cart to overturn.” said Lizwe Nyathi

Nyathi urged parents to monitor youngsters to avoid similar mishaps

“Parents need to be strict and ensure that small children do not ride in scotch carts unmonitored. People also have to learn that to avoid loss of life there has to be someone leading the animals.

“If people observe these regulations, we will not have these frequent fatal scotch cart accidents that we witness in broad daylight,” he said.


Efforts to get comment from Matabeleland North Police Spokesperson, Sipiwe Makonese were fruitless as her mobile phone could not be reached.