Brisk Business Recorded Ahead of UFIC Judgment Night 3

UNITED Family Interdenominational Church (UFIC) led by Emmanuel Makandiwa  recorded brisk business from selling a wide variety of church regalia and paraphernalia ranging from shoes, T-shirts, discs, hats ahead of its much-hyped Judgment Night 3 service that started on Friday night.


Church officials said that the money raised from sales would help the church recoup part of the $500 000 spent in organising the event.


UFIC spokesperson Prime Kufa said more than 200 000 people, double last year’s figure of 100 000, were expected to fill the giant National Sports Stadium.


The stadium has a carrying capacity of 65 000 people on its terraces, but churches normally accommodate some of their guests in the pitch.


By mid-morning Friday, most oads leading to the stadium were swelling with church members jostling to secure a place in the stadium.


People interviewed confir med buying the T-shirts for $10, berets $10, hats $10 and helmets $6, while others bought wrist bands for $5.


The church was also offering car décor services at a cost of $15, while each family in the build-up to the function was asked to donate $10 towards the event.


Kufa said the T-shirts and other wares were sold days before the Judgment Night.

“We printed a few items, but they were already sold,” he said.

Several miracles were also expected from Makandiwa whose spiritual father, Ghanaian Victor Kusi Boateng, is said to have had arrived for the Judgment Night 3.


Kufa said more than 20 000 foreigners, among them MPs from Zambia, Namibia and other countries, flew in for the event.


He said there was a business delegation that flew in from Angola. Politicians from Zimbabwe were also expected to grace the occasion together with business people.