British Barbarians To Tour Zimbabwe

Godwin Murambiwa, the Zimbabwe manager confirmed the British side would tour Zimbabwe from April 1-5.

According to the official website of the Scottish and British Combined Barbarian the team said they have been invited by the Zimbabwe Rugby Union and had accepted the invitation.

The national selectors have selected for the Barbarians rugby squad and are due to visit Zimbabwe in April on the first tour of its kind there since political unrest began.

Chris Terry, Chair of the Barbarians said: ‘We have been invited by the schools authority of the Zimbabwe Rugby Union to play four games which includes one game against a team made up of the locals and the national side.

‘As intrepid tourists, we like the idea of being the first UK schools team back into Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe does not attract the nicest of publicity. Reading, seeing and listening to the media, you’d form the impression that normal life doesn’t exist there and although life there is not as it once was, it does go on.’