Broadcaster-Turned- Politician Eric Knight Denies Joining Zanu(PF)

Harare, November 6, 2013 – Veteran Radio and TV broadcaster Eric Knight has angrily denied joining Zanu PF saying “if this happens I will be the first person to say it.”

The Daily News newspaper last week reported that Knight, the MDC-T losing parliamentary candidate for Mbare, had dumped the party led by Morgan Tsvangirai to join President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF.

Zanu PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo was quoted saying “We have always wanted people like Eric, people with experience in broadcasting and the media so we are naturally excited at having him back home if indeed he has eventually made the decision to join us.

“Young people like him are valuable to the party and as such we openly welcome him. We hope he will be an asset to the party so we wait as he undergoes the party procedure to officially become a member,” Gumbo said.

But in a statement seen by Nehanda Radio, Knight blamed “some foolish character who is either trying hard to be my spokesperson or is trying to bring Brand Eric Knight down by bribing his fellow friends at some newspapers to cook stories.”

Knight also sought to clarify an article claiming that he and fellow broadcaster Ezra ‘Tshisa’ Sibanda were stepping down from politics to pursue their careers in broadcasting. He was quoted saying it was an ‘accident’ for them to be in politics.

“Again that is a lie from the pit of hell, an attempt by some misguided reporter to make a mockery of us. If you are a regular follower of my postings, you will remember that I once gave my simple definition of Politics, I said it means People. How do I then be in People accidentally?

“That is utter hogwash. All I said was that fundamentally I am a broadcaster and during the days that there is no political activity at the moment. Ezra and myself have a role to play as the Election mode has died down,” he said.

But Knight saved most of his punches for news website ZimEye who published a story alleging that the married broadcaster (46) was having a secret affair with a 19 year old Harare school girl Ayanda Shekede.

Knight said he was “an extremely happily married man to an extremely beautiful woman, Martha Knight and with 4 wonderful kids.”


He claimed the article “was a plan by some old widow who resides in Leicester whom I made a mistake and befriended a few years ago, not knowing that the old evil woman had other thoughts.


“When I rejected her she went on a spree to damage me as she vows to friends. I have the name, she is either a nurse or does some of these care jobs in that town. She has been stalking me through friends and has even insisted she will do chivanhu (witchcraft).”


“She either sleeps or pays some pseudo journalists on news sites to publish her projects. Check the trends of the stories the mentioned website writes about me, always negative. The same dodgy site that once lied that Gideon Gono has died, that Morgan Tsvangirai has divorced, that Peter Ndlovu has died and that Bona Mugabe was raped.


“It’s a disgrace, but I thank God the woman they claim I’m dating has since went on her facebook to deny and disclaim the myth, she even had the audacity to look for me and disown the story. God bless her! No amount of malice will bring me down, you and the old evil woman’s project will falter.


“I thank God that my family are so battle hardened and are now used to internet hogwash, they will not be shaken and Eric Knight will never divorce .I’m also told the woman is busy downloading nude photos of women again planning to give them to newspapers and say they are Eric’s lovers and even create some messages purporting to have come from me, LORD HAVE MERCY!!”


On why he had been quiet for a long time since the three stories broke, Knight said “I am back after a hectic 8 weeks that saw me travelling around Zimbabwe hence no time to be on social sites.”


Source: Nehanda Radio