Bulawayo Anti-Mugabe Protest Leader Goes Into Hiding

By Staff Reporter

Bulawayo, September 18, 2016 – FIREBRAND Bulawayo anti-Mugabe activist, Hapson Ncube (32) has gone into hiding after police have made repeated visits to his home this past week seeking his arrest for allegedly masterminding protests in the city.

Speaking to RadioVOP this Sunday, Ncube, founder of the #MugabeMustGo campaign group, said he has been forced to abandon his home after police visited his Bulawayo home, further harassing his family claiming they knew his whereabouts.

“They called me on the phone for questioning and I told them I was in Kezi. They went on to storm my residence at around 5pm on Friday. They came back again twice at 3am and 7am the following morning.

“They claimed to be in possession of my picture in which I was putting on a t-shirt written ‘Mugabe must go’.

“They took pictures and videos of my residence and even took a picture of a Tajamuka (protest group) t-shirt which was on the washing line.”

Ncube, a former soldier, fears police want to impose terrorism charges against him.

He says he has been forced to temporarily abandon his home as he feared he will not be treated professionally by police officers and shadowy pro-government squads he accuses of turning to crude forms of defending the besieged regime through beatings and abductions.

Ncube has, since anti-government protests erupted in the country past few months, joined other anti-government groups to demand President Robert Mugabe’s exit for running down the once prosperous country.

One of his famous protests was during a Highlanders-Dynamos league encounter at Barbourfields stadium last Sunday when he boldly donned a t-shirt with the “Mugabe Must Go” words inscribed on them.

Stadium demos have also become a new strategy by various anti-Mugabe groups to force the 92-year-old leader’s exit.

The Zanu PF regime has since turned brutal with claims by the opposition that overworked anti-riot police were now firing live bullets at protesters.

Several activists have been bashed and left for dead while arrests and lengthy detentions continue.

Up to 100 protesters, including some opposition MPs, were reportedly arrested Saturday by police during foiled protests countrywide as crisis-weary Zimbabweans continue to defy a month long police ban on protests to intensify their resistance against the beleaguered regime.

Meanwhile, Ncube said he will this Monday hand himself to the police in the presence of his lawyer.