Bulawayo Civil Servants Boycott Strike

The leader of the Apex Council, Tendai Chikowore, called for strike action on Wednesday after talks with the Minister of Public Service, Lucia Matyibenga had collapsed.

A random survey in Bulawayo showed that teachers were in class and nurses were in hospitals conducting their duties as normal.

A nurse at Mpilo hospital, who chose to remain anonymous, said they cannot strike while people are in need of medical help.

In an interview Chikowore said she was shocked that civil servants did not heed the call for strike in the country’s second largest city. She said the strike was proceeding well in Harare.

“I was unaware of how the strike went in Bulawayo because I am in Harare. But this is news to me. Over here (Harare) there is a good number of civil servants that have heeded the call,” she said. “This number would most likely increase in this area (Harare) as the day progresses but I did not know that this was the case in Bulawayo.”

Zimbabwe’s estimated 235 000 public servants have been clamouring for a salary increase since the formation of the inclusive government. The lowest paid civil servant currently earns $235 monthly. The civil servants are demanding at least $538 per month in line with the poverty datum line.