Bulawayo Roads Neglected

Bulawayo Mayor, Thaba Moyo, in an interview with Radio VOP, said council’s planned re-construction projects of the city’s bad roads for this year were failing to take off due to lack of funding from ZINARA.

“Since January, ZINARA has not disbursed any allocation to the council towards our annual implementation plan, in which the plan had to include the roads pencilled for rehabilitation for this year,” Moyo said in an interview.

He added: “ZINARA collects US$1 every minute at toll gates but most of the money is not referred to refurbishment of roads. We want them to specify the money that council has to get so that we can plan the way forward.

“There is need to have a policy on the disbursement of funds to councils so that local authorities are informed on how much money they will be receiving per year for planning purposes.”

ZINARA in April this year only released US$300 000 to maintain a route for President Robert Mugabe during his one day visit to Bulawayo when came to officially open the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF).

The council has revealed that 39 roads including sections, have been earmarked for revamping, with a total distance of 13.7 km at a cost of $984 071. Council will reconstruct Khami, Goderich, Intemba, Woodville, Ndaba, one way Nkulumane, Muzomuhle, Glenville and Eastcoat Roads.

Premix overlays comprising 4394 tonnes of premix will cover an area of 88 130 square meters at a total cost of $1 476 916.25.

Reseals or slurry seals have been set aside for seven roads comprising Percy Ibbortson, Old Falls, Nketa, Coghlan, Old Esigodini, Cecil Avenue and Ascot Way.