Bulawayo's Only HIV-AIDS Nursing Home Faces Closure

The Nursing Home is designed to provide terminally ill HIV/Aids patients with enough food to regain their strength. It was opened in October 2006 and was adopted by Grace.The Nursing home chairperson Ellen Nzimande, confirmed that the home is facing closure, due to a shortage of drugs and medical supplies, rising cost of food and the growing poverty of Zimbabwean citizens, which are making it a lot harder for them to run it properly.

She said “most of the donors pulled out in February this year and since then, we have been depending on some well-wishers, especially churches.”

Grace has not been seen in public for more than a month now and is believed to be in China. There are conflicting reports about her with some reports saying she is pursuing studies at a Chinese university and some saying she is seeking medical attention and some saying she has ran away from his husband.

Zimbabwe used to have one of the highest number of people infected with HIV/Aids in the world, but the figures decreased recently. The level of infections has changed dropped dramatically primarily due to change in sexual behaviour because of improved public awareness of Aids deaths and a subsequent fear of contracting the virus. Other important drivers have been the influence of education programmes that have shifted people’s attitudes towards having multiple concurrent sexual partners in extra-marital, commercial and casual relations and have increased the acceptability of using condoms for casual sex.
-Source: Bulawayo24.com