Business Mogul Mutasa Proud Of His Latest Project

Joina City is arguably the most expensive project done by a black business person in Zimbabwe.Mutasa is currently Non Executive Chairman of the cash -rich TA Holdings Limited (TA) but is Chairman of Masawara Limited, an investment vehicle, listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).Masawara is among the few black headed Zimbabwean firms listed in Europe on the influential LSE.

“I am very happy that this project is done with and over,” an excited Mutasa told Radio Vop in an exclusive interview in Harare.
“I was getting worried because it was taking too much time and my patiece was running out. I am happy right now and I have a peace of mind.”

He said he had invested in the project using his personal money.The only outside assistance he got was from a friend in Saudi Arabia who has a huge stake in the impressive building who some say is the second best in the country after the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ).Art one stage Joina City had the only crane on the skyway in Harare.Construction began in 1997 and was completed this year by local and foreign firms.