CAAZ Suspends Departure Tax

CAAZ said the tax, which was introduced under the Aviation Infrastructure Development Fund (AIDEF) and was supposed to come into effect on May had been suspended because of “logistical” challenges.
“Passengers who have been charged the  levy in May 2011 should approach the relevant airline, travel agent or airport authority for a refund,” said David Chawota CAAZ chief executive officer.
“Airlines and travel agents who have collected AIDEF levies should not remit the funds to CAAZ but refund the passengers.”

The authority said AIDEF would be used to upgrade the country’s airports since it was not receiving enough money from government. But tourism players criticised the move saying it would affect the sector which is still trying to recover from the decade long political and economic crisis in the country.
A few airlines still fly into Zimbabwe after many pulled out at the onset of the political crisis.Passengers on transit, diplomats and children under the age of two would be exempted from the tax when it is finally introduced.