Call For More Donor Funds For Zimbabwe

The initial UN Consolidated appeal for Zimbabwe was pegged at US 100 million dollars in November last year.  However, the appeal was further increased to US 478 million dollars in July after the UN said the humanitarian situation was fragile.

“Revised requirements thus amount to US$1 478,399,290.  This is an increase of some $100 million (or 20%) over the original requirements,” the UN said in July.

“The humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe is still fragile due to the prevailing degradation of infrastructure in the basic sectors of health, water and sanitation, and food security.  The country also faces continuing underlying economic and political challenges.  As a result, Zimbabwe  remains at a crossroads.”

Zimbabwe, which has been facing a myriad of problems, which include hyper-inflation, massive food shortages over the years has stabilised after the formation of the unity government by President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

Zimbabwe has experienced improvements in the health sector, with hospitals and clinics re-opening last year while the use of multiple currencies stabilised the economy and stemmed inflation.

The CAP was launched by the UN in 1992 in an effort to provide a co-ordinated approach by aid organisations to monitor their activities together.

“It is a tool used by aid organisations to plan, implement and monitor their activities together. Working together in the world’s crisis regions, they produce appeals, which they present to the international community and donors,” the UN said at the formation of the CAP.