Call To Conserve Water As Gweru Dam Levels Drop

By Sydney Gokomere

Gweru, October 03, 2016 – GWERU dam levels have dropped from above 50 percent two months ago to an average 40 percent prompting city fathers to call for residents to use water sparingly.

According to the latest statistics from the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa), main supplier Gwenoro is now at 41,7 percent while supporting dam  Whitewaters is now at 47,6 percent.

Two months ago, the two dams were above 50 percent but the water levels continued to dwindle as a result of the heat affecting most parts of the country in the last months.

Acting town clerk, Edgar Mwedzi said although the city anticipated a good rainy season this year, there was need for residents to conserve water.

“Residents should use water sparingly in the face of dwindling water levels in our dams,” Mwedzi said.

Mwedzi urged residents to report burst water pipes on time so that the city does not unnecessarily lose treated water.

Early this year, Gweru introduced water rationing in most parts of the city particularly in high density suburbs as the local authority made efforts to conserve water.


Over the years, the city has also experienced water shortages as a result of erratic power supplies and breakdown of pumps, most of which are obsolete and have not been replaced for some time.