Call To Develop 'Haunted Falls'

“We are still yet to see Government officials playing their role here to let it known outside of Muzarabani. Maybe it is because it is in a remote area and the officials are not concerned about how we can benefit if it is marketed,’’ bemoans James Rambanepasi of Chibuwe village whom we had met at Muzarabani business centre a few kilometres away.

Situated about 210 kilometers north of the capital Harare, it is within the remote area of Mashonaland Central province and lies along Mavhuradonha Range Mountains where few Zimbabweans know about its existence.

The tourist attraction is popular with international visitors despite its neglect. There is not even an official guide to provide information about the natural site. The Muzarabani district council is also ignorant of its existence.

One official told a Radio VOP reporter: ‘Just find your way through those Muzarabani mountains as it is none of the council business.’’

Because of neglect and lack of information, the Falls have sometimes come a death trap as the rocks are slippery.

The rocks where the falls make light showers during the height of rainy season forming “small thunders of smoke” are slippery but during summer time the area is virtually dry. A warning sign written in red paint says it all- ‘’No go area- slippery area’’.

It is here where Deobary Colman and George Irwin slipped and fell to death on 28 July 1998.The reminder sign does not indicate their nationalities.

Rambanepasi warned: ‘It is not a safe place to visit as leopards and lions are on the prowl, you go there at your risk. Sohwe Falls is within scared mountains here.’’

He explained that local villagers call the area ‘’The Haunted Falls’’.