Calls To Repay For Nkandla A Political Ploy, Says Zuma

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma has described calls for him to repay monies spent on his Nkandla residence as a political ploy.

He denied liability for the funds spent or that he was guilty of any misuse. The President was meeting editors at the Presidential Guest House in Pretoria.

Zuma says he is still awaiting the conclusion of the Parliamentary investigation.

Zuma says, “Why should it be an issue? Why should I pay back the money? When the very institutions that investigate say that some other institutions must have the last word on the matter.”

Zuma added that why must he pay back the money as the EFF has called for, as there hasn’t been conclusion into the investigations.

Editor’s also asked the President whether he was nervous around threats from the EFF to disrupt his State of the Nation Address this coming Thursday.

The President responded emphatically, “I have never been nervous in my life…Never.” Adding that all Members of Parliament should act honorably.